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Raccoon Table is a compact studio table for those who appreciate functionality, simplicity and unique Finnish craftmanship. The open structure of Raccoon Table has been designed for maximum acoustic transparency and minimum interference with the room's own acoustics. Due to the Raccoon Table's open structure there are approximately 60 percent less reflecting surfaces when compared to a solid structure. The structure of the table also allows for more efficient ventilation and thus there is no need for a separate fan to cool the equipment. The better ventilation will also result in a longer lifespan for the equipment.Raccoon Table features ten units of 19" rack space of which six are between the table top and monitor and four behind the monitor. When placing the order it is possible to add more space according to customer specs.Dismantling and reassembling a Raccoon Table takes roughly 15 minutes. This makes transferring it to temporary locations an easy matter!A Raccoon Table can also accommodate an additional stand for keyboards. These are made out of the same material as the main unit and designed specifically as an accessory that can be fasteRaccoon Tables are handmade from Finnish 15/16 inch thick certified Nordic birch plywood and can be customized to a customer's unique needs. We look forward to making tables according to your individual specifications, so do not hesitate to ask! Raccoon Nest Industries is a crafts company from Mäntsälä, Finland. The company's first product launch is Raccoon Table, the studio table that can fit into small spaces if need be.

Shipping in 3 weeks after order.


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Raccoon Desk 10U

650,00 €Price
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